#smartforlife #cookiediet #momjunkydiet Week 22
Health & Fitness - April 5, 2016

smart for life bundle photo22 weeks! It’s been such a journey.  I have changed so much, and I am enjoying every second of it. I used to shop for clothes thinking “they’re a little tight, but I’ll lose some weight and they’ll fit.”  Those clothes were bought, stored under the bed and never worn because I never lost the weight.  Fast forward 22 weeks and some of them still haven’t been worn because… now they’re too big!!!  I can’t believe it.

So I have been getting this question a lot: “who is the Smart for Life diet for?”  It’s weird because I never really thought about a diet being limited to a specific group, but I guess some people assume because it works so well, it must work only for your body type or your particular lifestyle.  My answer to these people has been: “the Smart for Life diet is for everyone.”  Now of course that doesn’t include absolutely everyone.  There are some who have dietary restrictions, allergies or other limitations that might make it seem impossible, but for the most part it is for everyone.

As with any diet you should talk to your doctor before getting on a 1200 calorie program.  Have blood tests done and vitals checked, just to make sure you are in good health.  If you live close by a Smart for Life Center, then I recommend you get evaluated there as they will be able to advise you best when it comes to the Smart for Life diet.

Smart for Life is for everyone. Young, old, overweight, obese, virtually anyone (cleared by their doctor) is a candidate. The Smart for Life team will customize your diet program to your exact needs. And if you wonder if having a particular job or lifestyle is an issue, take it from me; I am in my mid 40’s and I have two children ages 2 and 4 years old, and I manage to do it.  Sure in the beginning it was hard.  The 4 year old gives you attitude, the 2 year old is crying for no apparent reason, which makes the 4 year old jealous that his brother is getting attention because he’s crying and you have World War III in the living room and it is almost impossible not to binge on one of their cookies, candies, or other goodies your kids have in the house.  But I did it.  I DID IT.  And at the risk of sounding corny, if I did it, so can you!

If you are serious about losing weight the Smart for Life diet is probably your best bet over the competition. But that is only valid if you have really made the decision that enough is enough, that you will commit yourself 100%, because if you are not dedicated, no diet will ever work, Smart for Life included.

Next week I will talk about the Nlal machine.  Let the fat burning begin!

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