Red Apple Lipstick Comes Out With Blush and Bronzer!
Blog - February 12, 2017

I’ve been waiting for this day…

I have enjoyed wearing Red Apple Lipstick products for two years now.  I thought I’d lose it when they came out with their mascara.  But now they have added blush and bronzer!  Woohoo!

Blush and bronzer are so important.  They create balance and illusion.  They give you a fresh, contoured glow.  I used to be able to get that at the beach, lol.  Not now.  That sun kissed look can only be achieved by makeup and I don’t suggest getting it from the sun.  As you age, the damage will show up.  Trust me!

I now know that I deserve better for my skin.  I love using toxin free makeup products.  That’s why I love Red Apple Lipstick products.  This blush has no fillers so it’s not going to sit on the skin.

My eyes never itch or burn wearing it and I know that I am wearing cruelty free makeup.

If you don’t think you can pick a blush shade online, your wrong.  Red Apple Lipstick makes it simple and walks you through the process.
You are going to need their fabulous Vegan Blush Brush too.
Check out Red Apple Lipstick HERE.

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  1. Big fan of Red Apple Lipstick here and so excited you could do a review of their new blush! I’m a huge fan of their product line esp. as a former gluten free tour guide and now gluten free for over 7 years!

  2. I love cruelty free make-up! It feels so much better to wear them. The colors are really nice. The blush is perfect for everyday use!

  3. Wow! We’re vegan and it can sometimes be quite a challenge to scavenge for cruelty-free products. But it’s great that so many companies are opening up and changing policies. That blush looks beautiful on you, by the way. 🙂

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