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I’ve always been concerned with what my kids eat. It started early when they began eating baby food.  We made  such a big deal the first time we gave them something, waiting for their expressions to see if they liked it or not.  Their expressions are priceless!   Usually, applesauce is the biggest hit.  But they also need veggies too!  I liked to mix them so they got the best of both. I made my own purees and froze them; but it’s messy, and time consuming.  So I would often just grab food pouches at the store for convenience.  The problem with these pouches is that they are often highly processed, even the organic ones.


This is why Pure Spoon, a mom-owned start-up from Austin Texas, is popping up all over the U.S. in retailers near you!  Pure Spoon purees are made from fresh, certified organic produce that remains raw or lightly steamed.

Pure Spoon Founder, Alyson Eberle states:

“With our HPP technique that maintains flavor and nutrients, as well as, our 100% organic, fresh fruits and veggies, we’re able to create purees with maximum flavor and nutrition. Pure Spoon provides a long over-due, new, healthy option in the ready-to-eat, fruit and vegetable category for kids –– one that’s delicious and is good for them.”

Pure Spoon purees come  in 4.2 oz. single-serve containers and are available in eleven delicious flavors:  Spinach, Pear, & Banana; Sweet Potato & Apples; Creamy Avocado & Pears; Carrots & Zucchini; Blueberry, Banana & Apples; Simply Carrots; Apples & Broccoli; Butternut Squash, Apples & Oats; Creamy Avocado & Apples; Simply Pears and Simply Apples.  Luke loves his Pure Spoon purees!

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Find Pure Spoon in select retailers including Target, Wholefoods, Hy-Vee, ShopRite, and Sprouts Farmers Market.


Enter to Win 17 single-serve Pure Spoon Fruit & Veggie Purees

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