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Reviews - October 18, 2015

2015-10-07 12.45.04 I have been wearing glasses for 33 years.  Over the years my vision hasn’t gotten better and now I have to wear progressives.  As you can imagine, changing vision and adding progressives make the glasses all the more expensive.  The last pair I had was “cheap.”  They only cost me $350 and I was ready to pay as much as $550 to get the combination of frame quality and lens quality that would meet both my needs and my taste.  For me $500 for a pair of glasses is a lot of money, especially when your eyesight keeps getting worse, year after year.

So when I was offered the opportunity to review Polette eyewear, I was both excited and nervous. I was excited because after looking at their website, I realized that I could put together a pair of glasses that were really cool and cost around $100.  I was nervous because over the past 33 years, I have had good and bad experiences with glasses and after spending thousands of dollars over the years.  I couldn’t imagine how these Polette glasses could be the quality lenses I needed for a third of what I normally pay.

So this is how my journey into getting my glasses from Polette started, with both excitement and nervousness.  The excitement never left me because the designs are so amazing, however, I had not seen the end of this nervousness. I went to my eye doctor (who sells glasses of course), and they had no problem giving me my prescription but when I  and told them I was ordering online, they said it wasn’t possible.  That “they” (meaning online retailers) couldn’t possibly get the measurements right on progressives.  But when I followed the detailed steps on Polette and how to measure, I realized how easy it was and my nervousness completely faded away.divergent2_2

Picking out my frames was easy once I was set on the measurements.   You can even see what they look like on you with their “try this frame” feature.    From start to finish it was a breeze.  The only problem was picking out which one I was going to get since there is such a variety to choose from and they are so cute.

When ordering your glasses the site is really user friendly easy to navigate.  This site allowed me to get creative which, at my age is necessary.  I love funky glasses.  They make a statement and show my personality;  colorful.   Not to mention, you can always trust the French when it comes to fashion.  I ordered the Divergent Acetate, photochromic progressive lenses, with transitions.  I  added my prescription and type of lenses and it was a simple as that.  The site keeps your orders on file and saves your prescriptions.

Polette offers affordable frames and lenses that are fashionable, from classic to trendy and at the same time offers quality.  A friend of mine, Janna Winters, who has been working as an optician for twenty plus years noticed these high quality frames.  Th2015-10-07 12.48.05ey are also extremely lightweight.

As stated on their website, “polette lies on a simple yet groundbreaking idea: being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer.
The frames and lenses are provided straight from our workshops, therefore there is no stock nor intermediates to high margins.

If you look at their history, Polette has a team  of young, dynamic, artsy employees.  This is obvious when you look at Polette‘s collection of glasses.

Check out their website here2015-10-07 12.28.15

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  2. I’ve been looking for a good, inexpensive pair of glasses, I’m going to have to bookmark this site! My current glasses are great, but I spent close to $350 at a big box store. At that price, I’m not buying two pair, even though I’m slightly terrified of something happening to the pair I’m wearing. Thanks for the review.

  3. I’ve been wearing glasses since 2nd grade, there were very brief periods I wore contacts but I always went back to glasses, they’re just more “me.” I really need new glasses, I love the styles Polette offers! 😀

  4. The price of prescription glasses can be ridiculous. I have ordered online before and was completely happy. I will consider Polette next time I need glasses.

  5. I have worn glasses for awhile now and I do wear progressive lenses. My glasses I have now cost $400. I was a little leary about getting good quality Glasses at a much lower cost! Since reading your review I am not leary anymore! Its actually amazing that we have an option of buying good glasses at a lower cost! Especially since retirement, we don’t have insurance for our glasses that we used too. Thankyou for Sharing your knowledge of Polette Eye Glasses~

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to find a way to afford new glasses! Polette eyewear you look great!
    I have been wearing ereaders that don’t do enough justice because of not being able to afford insurance now I can have some hope again

  7. Gosh. Polette sounds so great. I have had the same glasses for five years and I’m dying. They cost me a very small price from online as well, but now I can’t see out of them and they make me look too young. I have a baby face, and these glasses don’t help. Maybe Polette will be my next adventure!

  8. I have never heard of this brand of eyewear. Thank you for sharing as I have been wearing glasses every since I was a kid.

  9. I have shied away from shopping for frames online, but more and more I am seeing how much money I could save if I did. I will have to check out the “try this frame feature”. I saw several pairs that I really like.

  10. I wore glasses in grade school and somehow didn’t need them again until I turned 40. Don’t ask me to explain, I don’t get it myself lol. Two of my kids wear glasses so I wasn’t overly concerned with the price of a pair for myself. Big mistake, even at a big box store progressives are expensive. I was a little concerned with ordering online and getting the measurements right. Reading your review and seeing that you were concerned with that too really helps. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m happy with the glasses I have now, but driving with non-prescription sunglasses is slightly terrifiying. Polette has some cute sunglasses too, thanks for pointing me in their direction.

  11. It is scary to buy something like progressive lens glasses online because of the measuring they do. But I would be willing to try, they seem like good glasses.

  12. I will definitely consider Polette Eyewear the next time I order glasses. Thank you for sharing and you look great!

  13. My whole family wears glasses, so we go through a lot of pairs. I have never tried Pollette before, but they look wonderful to try.

  14. I really like all the glasses that they offer, will consider to purchase from them when ever i need to replace my glasses

  15. I can not believe the huge selection they offer & the prices are fantastic! I wear contacts alot of the time so I don’t like spending alot on glasses but I like having glasses to give my eyes a break! Thanks soo much for sharing!

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