My Son Drew a Picture of our Family and Left His Brother Out
Blog - November 24, 2017

My son loves to draw.  He’s so creative and is always drawing me pictures.  It’s so refreshing to have children that love to color and create.  So, of course I encourage it.  Many times, they color and paint separately.  Which I also encourage. We all need our space.

They spend a lot of time together and when they are apart they are always asking for each other.  They are soulmates.  They are bros.  They truly love each other.

So, when my son told me he was going to draw me a beautiful picture of our family with a rainbow, as usual, I was excited to see what he would come up with.  I was just like him when I was younger and loved to draw and paint.  I took many art classes and entered competitions.  Later; in life my passion transferred to writing.

He ran up to me as excited as could be and showed me the picture.

I looked at the sweet picture and saw three names and three people.  I asked him where his brother was, and he said that picture was of the family before his brother was around.

My heart sank a little, but I laughed.

I laughed because just a little bit earlier we had a situation.  Earlier that day, something happened.  I can’t remember exactly what it was but it all made sense to me.  I got it.  He wanted him out of the picture, literally.  He went through something in his head in the morning  when his brother got to do something he couldn’t.

He’s told me numerous times, “I want a new brother,” or “take him back to the hospital.”  I can’t blame him for the last one as we did tell him if it didn’t work out we would take him back, lol.

But it was just last night that he was protecting his little brother when a friend snatched cheese out of his hand.  I’ve have overheard him say to others, “hey! that’s my brother.  Leave him alone.”  They are loyal.

They are both so protective over each other.  They adore each other.  But sometimes it’s just too much to spend 24/7 with someone.  I get it.  I have a husband, lol.  It’s not easy.  We all need alone time.  We all need space.

That’s what I tell them. Sometimes, we just need time alone.

What a gift they are to each other.  I think they already realize that.  There was a time where I really worried about if I had made the decision to have two kids.  I don’t need to worry anymore.  We are all set, all four of us.




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