Lips MD by Jess Introduces me to LipSense
Makeup & Beauty - April 16, 2017

I’ve tried a million long wearing lipsticks. This is not an understatement. My lips have gone through the wringer. I’ve sold the most luxurious of makeup with promises of smoothing wrinkles and plumping lips. But when I tried the over the counter long wearing lipsticks, it didn’t matter how expensive, or what the brand was, they dried out my lips.

So “surprised” is an understatement of how I felt when I was given LipSense by Lips MD by Jess.  I had no faith.  I’d given up wearing long lasting lipstick for good.  I thought it was just another gimmick.  But I was shocked when it fulfilled all its claims of staying on and lasting for hours.  More importantly, it did not dry out my lips!  In fact, my lips look better than ever!

So, what exactly is LipSense?  It’s a long lasting lip color that bonds on your lips on a molecular level.  After shaking the tube, you apply the lip color three times, waiting for at least 5 seconds for it to dry in between coats.  Then you apply the Glossy Gloss which will hydrate your lips and give a glossy look.  You can reapply the gloss for hydration and/or a glossy look throughout the day.  It lasts up to 18 hours.  You can remove with the Oops remover.

It is vegan and cruelty free.  So it has no wax, gluten, lead, or GMO’s.  You can be confident that you are putting something good on your lips.

Check out my Facebook video of my demo of LipSense.

Everybody should have the opportunity to try LipSense.  It’s hard to explain until you try it yourself.  But life will become more enjoyable when wearing LipSense.  No joke! There’s an extra bounce in your step, ladies!  To be able to drink, eat, and kiss your children without getting lipstick everywhere is amazing!  I stopped wearing lipstick because of the nonsense, and the first day I wore LipSense, somebody told me my makeup looked good, haha!  I was just wearing LipSense! Crazy!

It gives you immediate gratification and you will be hooked!


The starter kit is $55.  This includes Lip Color, Gloss, and Oops Remover. It might seem pricey to you BUT one tube of Lip Color equals 4 lipsticks.  It should last 6 months if you use the same color every day.

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Enter to win a Starter Kit with two bonus lipsticks!   That’s ARV $105



    1. Thanks so much for entering! I fixed my IG- just changed the name two days ago so thanks for the reminder! And fixed the comment too. good luck!

  1. TWO lip colors?! That’s awesome. I purchased a kit a few months ago and gave it to my daughter as the color was better on her fair skin. And now I miss using LipSense! I loved having color even after drinking, chewing gum, and just having a day.

  2. I’ve heard a lot about LipSense and how much it’s going around with sellers and becoming a distributor. I’ve heard you can use the lipsense as a eye-shadow?

  3. I have been wanting to try LipSense forever! I actually walked into my pharmacy a while back and my pharmacist was wearing it, it looked so stunning so I made a comment about it and she told me what it was and that it really does live up to its claims. In fact, she also told me that she just got back from lunch and ate ribs and it didn’t budge. Ever since then I have been dying to try it. So thanks for the opportunity!

  4. So in LOVE with this!! I have heard nothing but absolutely amazing things! They have ALL the best colors too!!

  5. I loved your video & watching how the lipsense doesn’t come off even after all that kissing your little boy. I like that the lipsense makes your lips better! I gave up wearing lipstick when I retired from work because it was such a hassle, but this looks fantastic! Thanks for the review 🙂

  6. I have never tried it, but really would love to. I’m starting to love myself again after a 3 year abusive relationship, and this would be a great start!!

  7. I’m dying to try LipSence now, especially when i saw that video on your Instagram! I am definitely having a long talk with my husband tonight.

  8. I had never heard of lipsense before reading this blog. They look like really awesome products and I would love to try them.

  9. fulfilled all its claims of staying on and lasting for hours.

    If it stays on I have to get some…….. been through a lot of different over the years

  10. I have never tried lipsense but I am a big lip gloss and lip stick fan and would love the chance to try this.

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