How to Move Cross Country with a Fish and Plants
Blog - May 3, 2018

I was given product to facilitate this article, however, all opinions are my own.

This is a conversation I have not had with my kids yet and I’m not looking forward to it.  How do I tell them that it is not a good idea to move a fish cross country?  That when fish are taken out of their surroundings, they can easily be stressed?

Walter seems pretty happy here in Florida. But he did kill his counterpart and that was stressful for the whole family.  Now Walter is happy being alone but I’m wondering if we should just release him.  It’s not like we  have a huge fish tank to move but it would be chaotic moving one single fish across country.  I don’t think he will survive. Wish me luck on that conversation.

Now if you have a fish tank it’s a different story.  It’s not easy, but it can be done.  Tips on moving a fish tanks can be found HERE.

Our other issue is plants.  Do plants get as stressed out as fish during a move? Don’t they need sunlight and water?  I don’t want to get to our destination with dead plants either. That would be a rough start, lol.

Not only are there laws for transporting plants from state to state, but it’s not like you can bubble wrap a plant and pack it.  It has to be thoughtfully planned out.  Some states have really strict guidelines, like Hawaii and California.

Of course, I have plants that are very sentimental to me.  Plants that stayed alive through thick and thin, through hurricanes and my leaving to go on trips.  That’s about two of them, hahah.  However, my kids have given me plants for special occasions also.

I have four plants that mean a lot to me.  First, a plant I have had for about 20 years that has traveled to many apartments with me and second, the plant my mom’s boss had sent to us as a wedding gift.  It has flourished, just like our marriage. *insert evil laugh here*

The third plant was given to me by my older son and the fourth plant was given to me by my younger son.  That one is clinging to dear life as it has been repotted and moved and fallen off it’s stand. So, I have read articles about moving plants but what I have come up with is either I give them away – I would let my son’s decide on who they would give them to, or try to keep them alive in the back of our car.  We will be making many stops, so it might be possible.

So, if you would have asked me pre moving phase what I would do differently I would say; 1. do not purchase a pet if there is a chance of moving and 2. use silk plants, they are much easier to deal with and move.  This is an indoor cedar tree, however I have it outdoors and just bring it in if it rains.  Silk plants don’t require any maintenance like potted plants and this makes moving easier.

What do you think I should do?

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