How To Make Memorable Yet Easy To Make Halloween Treats
Blog - October 30, 2016



I love Halloween and yes, I love sugar.  But candy is overrated and I’m yearning for something different this Halloween.

So instead of sending candy to school, my son and I made goodies.  He’s very creative and loves to make things so I included him in this project and let him help make some of the goodies.




Instead of making sugar cookies from scratch, I purchased this mix from Aldi.  These sugar cookies are to die for and you only have to add an egg and stick of butter and they’re ready to go in the oven.

Next, I found a really easy recipe for frosting on




These are the ingredients you will need:

Vanilla Extract


Powdered Sugar

One stick of butter

Food Coloring




After I was done mixing the frosting, I added yellow and red food coloring, mixed again, and put it in the refrigerator for a while.

After the cookies cool down, I added the frosting and threw some black and orange sprinkles on top.




Pretzels Ghosts


You will only need 3 ingredients!



Vanilla Almond Bark


Chocolate Chips


I purchased the Vanilla Almond Bark also from Aldi.  It is really easy to heat up in the microwave and tastes delicious.

I dipped the pretzels in the bowl and placed them on foil (you can use wax paper).  I added the chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth facing the eyes so the pointy part of the chip faces inside the pretzel to make the eyes look big and round.  When done I put them in the refrigerator and let cool.




This was so quick and easy and my son was happy to participate…especially since he knew that we were making them for his school class party.


This was so much better than making candy goody bags, and the parents probably won’t hate me! Ha!


And why not offer some spooky milk with your cookies?




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