How to Get Through Trick or Treating Without a Meltdown
Blog - October 29, 2017

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I love Halloween with all its festivities and all, but I don’t look forward to Trick or Treating with the kids.  Gone are the days when they wore their cute little costumes and we hit about 5-10 houses.  They came home ecstatic with the candy but tired and ready to go to bed.  It was easy when they were younger, for sure.

Now, it’s all about the candy.  And more candy.  And then the fight over how much candy they can eat before going to bed.  Then the fight continues for the next few days over eating the candy.

So, I found a solution.  For many parents a way to cope with this is to get out the booze and set up shop outside their house.  They make it a party and I say go for it!  But for me, I don’t drink and I’m all about getting it done, because many times, school is the next day and the kids need to wake up on time.  I don’t want to stay up late, and I’d like to get out the door in the morning without a meltdown.  And by meltdown, I mean myself, lol.

So, I get myself a nice cup of coffee, like Java Factory’s Trick & Treat single cup coffee.  It’s a light, pumpkin and marshmallow flavored coffee. I also make some treats for the kids and parents that aren’t pure sugar, such as my Frightening Fig Bars. Check out how to make them below in my video.

When we get home and the kids go to bed, I usually go through their candy and take out sticky and chewy candy that will stick to their teeth.  They usually don’t notice.  Then I take half of the good stuff, like Reece’s, Twix, M & M’s and put away for myself.  I think of this as a form of payment for taking them out, ha-ha.  Whatever candy they don’t eat or care for I keep for goodie bags for school.  It works out well!

So, my advice is don’t stress.  Do what works.  I will have my cup of coffee in hand and go with the flow.

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