How to Get Alone Time with Mommy Friends
Blog - August 3, 2017

This is a Sponsored Post for Pampers and iConnect. All opinions are my own.

My mommy friends are my lifeline.  They understand me in a way that can’t be explained.  A look can tell them exactly how I feel and what I’m about to do about those feelings.  I am so grateful for them and don’t know what I would do without them.

So, we try to spend “kid free” time together but usually the only thing that works is getting together with the kids.  Not because we don’t want to be together without the kids, but at the end of the day, we are exhausted.  I choose to relax and stay home most of the time, excluding Birthday dinners and an occasional movie.

I like to find things to do that allow us to have private conversations without the kids around and enjoy ourselves too.  I know, I know, it’s all about the kids and keeping them entertained, but what about the mommies?  We need to talk too about things that aren’t kid related.

So, I recommend going to a water park, getting there early, and setting up chairs for yourself and your mommy friends right at the edge of the water.  You might get a few minutes alone to chit chat, while the kids play in front of you in the water.

Water parks aren’t cheap. By the time you pay entrance fee and maybe snacks (we bring our own) and drinks, with multiple kids, it can get pricey.  But they are fun for the kids and a good way to get alone time with your friends.  We don’t go a lot because of this.  We go to parks that have water activities but nothing beats a water park with slides!

So, we find ways to budget our money and save (like bringing our own snacks wherever we go) so we can enjoy these activities that might put a bigger dent in our wallet.   We also use apps and coupons, and get rewards, like with the Pampers Rewards App.

It’s always been a great way to earn rewards and save money on diapers, especially when you have two in diapers.  Recently, they have revamped the app making it even easier to use.  They have updated the program so that you don’t even have to type in the rewards code.  It can’t get much simpler.

We had fun downloading the app!

My friends mean everything to me.  We are always giving each other advice and ways to save money and earn rewards.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from them either!  We look out for each other.  So, check out the Pampers Rewards App and start earning awesome rewards.  You can download it on the iOS or the Android.

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