How To Calm My Wicked Witch by Ilana Tene
Reviews - October 19, 2014

wicked-witchBook despription

Carly is a young girl who has trouble controlling her impulses to do wrong. She finds that she has a wicked witch living inside of her head (a destructive inner voice) who tells her to scream and cry and do whatever she wants to do.This results in Carly losing friends and hurting the members of her family.Carly recognizes that the wicked witch is telling her to do wrong, but she does not know how to overcome the witch.
Finally, a wise teacher at school helps Carly find a lovely fairy inside of her to pacify the wicked witch and to help her make better decisions.
This lovely fairy (loving voice) befriends the wicked witch and distracts her so Carly can experience the advantages of sharing, working with others and forgiving them for their mistakes.
With the help of the lovely fairy, Carly regains the trust and love of her family members and the respect and friendship of her classmates at school.
By calling up the loving voice inside of us, we can all pacify the destructive voice and become better people and part of more effective groups wherever we work and play.

My review

Carly is a young girl who has trouble controlling her temper, much like my three year old.  This was a great read especially for me.  My toddler has had a hard time since his brother came along. He has been emotional, angry at times and possessive over his toys, just like Carly.   Most of the time he is a loving, caring older brother.  But sometimes when he can’t control his behavior (he’s only three), I tell him to take a deep breath with me so he can calm down just like in this book.   It was a technique that I friend recommended and I’m so glad she did.  This book validated my feelings and helped me understand my toddlers behavior.

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