Don’t Touch My Poop!
Blog - September 8, 2014

I don’t know how many times I have chased Henri around the living room trying to catch him to change his diaper.

Me:  “Come here please! I need to change you!”


Me:  “Did you poop?”

“No, mommy, I didn’t poop.”

Me:  “It stinks, you pooped.  Come here!”

He takes off in the opposite direction.

“I didn’t poop! (now he’s grabbing his butt)Don’t touch my poop!”

Now the threats start to come….

Me:  “Do you want to take a nap OR do I change you?”

Asking a two year old if they want to nap is like asking them to hand over ALL their toys and give them away FOR GOOD.  It’s the end of the world. They can’t see pass the word “nap.”  It means all things evil.

“Change me.” Now he’s smiling, laying on the floor, legs spread.

I think I have finally won, when he starts kicking and laughing and I try to control his spastic legs while wiping poop off his butt.  I’m completely exhausted and exasperated at this point and wish I could just walk out the room. But I can’t because if I did that there would be poop all over the floor.

“My butt hurts!”

What a suprise!  I would think that if you like to sit in your poop then it would start hurting?  

Me: “Let me put some diaper cream on.”

Nooooo!  Noooooo! Don’t touch me! I don’t want cream!

Me:  But your feel better!”

Nooooooo! I don’t want it!

I finally convince him that it’s a good idea.

Me:  Does that feel better?

Yes, mommy.  It feels better.

“Whats wrong with him? Why doesn’t he want me to change him?” I asked I asked a friend of mine.  She said he would rather play.

Rather play and sit in his own sh*t? Are these really my problems today?


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