DIY Essential Oil Sprays with Goddess Garden
October 31, 2018

  I recently went to Sedona and experienced the magnificent red rock.  Sedona is also known to be a mystical place where you can crystal shop and vortex hunt.   When I went I took my Essential Oils with me for inspiration for a DIY project. Essential Oils and crystals go hand in hand. Their benefits are so amazing, from aiding in sleeping, anxiety, breathing and can give you a mental boost.  Pairing them up and adding the crystal to the Essential Oils helps raise your vibration. Every day, when I turn on the hot water for my shower, I spray Eucalyptus Oil before I get in.  I've been doing this for at least 2 years. It helps wake me up (stimulates mental activity) and clears my sinuses.  …

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5 Essentials to having a Successful Indoor Birthday Party
October 15, 2018

We have always had our Birthday parties at parks or indoor venues.  Birthdays are such a big deal to my boys.  We actually celebrate for a whole week. Since moving to Phoenix, we have a big house with a yard, something we did not have in Florida, so my son wanted to have a Birthday party at home. Yes, this would take preparation but it was really exciting too to have friends and family at our home.  It got me wondering. There were a few things to think of though; how would be keep the kids busy and out of the house for the majority of the time? Would we do games and activities? What would we serve for food? A lot of the party …

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Why Fresh Produce is Essential for Canning
July 11, 2018

I love preserving food and canning. Whether it be making jam, meal prepping, or simply storing beans and pasta.  It is a no-brainer for a busy mom like myself.  But what's the point in canning if you're not using the freshest ingredients? Why would you can and preserve something that is not at its freshest? And where do you find the freshest ingredients? I have purchased my fruits and veggies from grocery stores and either scrubbed them or purchased organic only to be disappointed by the quality. So, I started going to Farmers Markets. I like to learn about where the produce is locally grown, and get to know the people.   I love going to Farmers Markets.  I look forward to Saturday mornings just for this …

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How to Make Keepsake DIY Easter Eggs Using 4 Items
March 28, 2018

I recently when to an Easter Egg painting party.  It was fun and entertaining, and the kids had a blast.  Who doesn't like glitter and glue, stickers and dyes?  They really enjoyed it.  What a great tradition! However, I'm all about simplicity and purpose.  I like to do crafts that can be used for the future.  Maybe I'm just secretly trying to get mementos from the kids to save for later.  I'm very sentimental and appreciate it more when they make things I can save.  I'm not up for boiling eggs and making a mess.  The least number of items we use the better.  Plus, I egg salad.  No can do. So, I found some wood eggs at Target and decided to have the boys paint …

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Easy Easter Bunny Pops Recipe
March 21, 2018

Easter's just a few days away and I thought it would be fun to make Easter Bunny Treats.  The kids love any kind of Easter crafts or bunny treats so I knew Easter Bunny pops would be a hit!  Who doesn't like bunny treats? They make a great DIY Easter treat for Easter Parties too! Not to mention, they are easy and fun to make for both parents and kids. This is a really simple recipe using Vanilla Wafers and Candy Melts.  You just need to add some Eye Candy, M&M's, Vanilla Frosting, Marshmallows, and Pop Sticks! Make sure you refrigerate the frosting so that it's keeps the pop together when you dip it in the Candy Melts. This is a really easy Easter bunny pops recipe.  You …

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