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Baby Products - August 31, 2016


Zika! Zika! Zika! is all we hear about here in Florida.  We are in the middle of Hurricane season which makes it so humid and hot, a great breeding ground for mosquitoes and I have pregnant friends warned to stay inside because of it. The Zika virus is spreading and we need to protect ourselves.  But how?

Who wants to put chemicals all over them?  Yuk! Better yet, who wants to put chemicals all over their children?  Not me! That’s why I love organic baby products like Babytime.  I feel like I am giving my kids the best.  And they deserve the best.

According to their site;  “Babytime! by Episencial is dedicated to creating safe, effective, natural skin care products that enhance the health of babies” and young children’s naturally sensitive skin. Babytime! is the only skincare brand to make baby-safe, all-natural skincare products that with PROBIOTICS to support skin immunity and help treat common skin conditions, like eczema, cradle cap and common dehydration. With clinically effective formulas designed to support the health and development of both the skin and body, Babytime! provides a protective barrier to insulate vulnerable skin, offset environmental contaminants, and help keep children safe.”

I’m not saying I have never used deet but when you need to apply mosquito repellent on a regular basis, I can’t imagine using chemicals.

Babytime is the No.1 organic brand in hospital birthing centers and hospital NICUS.

babytime mosquiotes

Mighty Shield Bug Repellent DEET-Free Lotion is better than spray, protective + soothing to bites.  It smells yummy too!

oliver babytime

My babies’ delicate skin are always exposed in the sun.  They love to play outside.  We tried this Babytime Sunny Sunscreen at the zoo during peak hours 10-1, only applying once.  It worked great!

sunscreen babytime

It’s non-greasy, petroleum, fragrance, harsh chemical, and gluten free.  It’s non-allergenic and absorbs quickly into the skin.  Also pediatrician developed and safe and effective for any age.

cheeky salve

Babytime’s Cheeky Salve Organic Lip and Cheek and Nipple Care is a great multi-use balm.  Sometimes my kids get dry patches on their skin, especially with the weather change and it can be uncomfortable.  If your breastfeeding, your nipples can get chapped also and it’s very uncomfortable.  This salve will help!  It’s a probiotic enriched with +95% certified organic ingredients.  It is also petroleum, fragrance, harsh chemical and gluten free.

nurturing balm

Babytime Nurturing Balm  and Organic Diaper Rash Cream is great for what my son calls “booboos” down there.  It gives him immediate relief.  Which gives me relief because I don’t want my baby to be sore or suffer.   It is zinc activated with +95% certified organic ingredients

I loved these products and would recommend them to all my mommy friends.  I used them myself.

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  1. I never heard of Babytime before this. They have a lot of wonderful and organic products it seems. I would like to try them myself.

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