“And There We Were,” My Valentine
Blog - February 13, 2018

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and it has me thinking.  “And Then We Were” by the Whole Damn Mess is a love story about Don Miggs and his wife Lisa on their wedding day.  What I love about music is that it means so much to so many people on different levels.  It speaks to people’s hearts and gives them permission to feel raw emotion and allows them to dream big.  “And Then We Were” reminds me of my relationship with my husband.  We were also brought together by fate or the internet.  You pick.  He was always there.  I wasn’t paying attention.  And then we met. And Then We Were.

On our wedding day his family had a French Wedding Cake, which we ate and that was followed by cheese, a typical French million course dinner.  I was tired, so I excused myself from the table and went upstairs and took a nap.  When I came back down, they had opened a bottle of Champagne and toasted already to our future.  The nap was worth missing that, and I don’t drink so I didn’t miss the Champagne.  This might seem strange to some but it works for us.

Don Miggs and his wife Lisa have a special story too. On the Whole Damn Mess’s new Album The Queen and the Outcast, he shares their fateful story.  It is a Rock and Roll fairy tale of a Rich Girl and a Bad Boy.  This Long Island boy falls in love with Lisa DeBartolo, who is the daughter of Pro Football Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo. He writes about their differences in upbringing and how it is revealed in certain situations at the wedding.  Here are some lyrics to “And Then We Were” that Don Miggs jotted down.

The Queen and the Outcast is an autobiographical album about not forcing life to happen, living in the moment, accepting life on life’s terms and living it to the fullest.  If you like 90’s alternative mixed with modern flare, you’ll like The Queen and The Outcast. I enjoyed it and found myself repeating songs in my head later. Available now! Check it out here.





  1. I just love the lyrics! And it’s ok that your toasting wasn’t traditional. We used grape juice and got married in his parents house. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m just glad that I blinked – and there we were.

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