5 Ways to Jump Start Your Health for the New Year
Blog - January 9, 2017


Almost everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the New Year.  I don’t.  I assess my goals and “get back on track.”  I love having a healthy lifestyle.  But it goes down hill around November and that’s okay.  I own it and then I get back on track.  It’s all about progress, not perfection.  If I was perfect, I’d be bored and have nothing to write about. haha.

So what are the things I do to change?

1. Get Moving


After the Holidays, it’s hard to get moving.  But it’s necessary.  For many reasons, including boosting those happy endorphins and to boost the metabolism.  Whether it’s to lose weight or just to get healthy, it’s important to not stay still.  I could make an excuse that my two boys keep me moving but it’s still not enough to get the heart rate going.  In the past, I’d join a class –  after realizing how out of shape I was, I’d just give up. Or I’d join the gym with all the intentions of going five days a week.  I set myself up for failure.  But now, I no longer give myself too high of goals and that’s the key.

If you’re going to get moving, you might as well go shopping and get some new workout clothes.  I always ask for gift cards to workout stores for the Holidays because I know I need to go back to the gym and new clothes are so much fun!  I already feel ten pounds lighter in a new outfit! lol  You can get some great active wear and shoes at Dicks Sporting Goods.

2.  Weigh And Measure Your food. 

Kitchen scales with fruit in the weighing bowl on a wooden worktop.

Get a scale and weigh your food.  Trust me, your portions have changed since Thanksgiving.  Your stomach will shrink and get flatter just from changing your portions.  Amazon has some very affordable scales.  Use cups and measuring spoons when using dressings and nut butters.  I know I’ve been a little heavier handed during the holidays.  In fact I went through two tubs of Abby’s Better Nut Butter! In a period of two weeks!

3.  Join A Weight Loss Program


I lost 30 lbs in 5 months doing the Smart For Life Lifestyle Program.  It taught me portion control, cut back on sugar, and gave me healthier alternatives including their amazing cookies!

4.  Meditate


Meditation has saved me many times.  It helps me dismiss the “committee” in my head.  It’s helped my relationships and my marriage.  There’s something amazing about opening up your mind and just listening.  If you’ve never done it before there is a great app I use that is perfect for beginners called Calm.com.  You can meditate anywhere from one minute to thirty minutes.  There are different kinds of meditations such as guided and sleep meditations.  Best of all, it’s free!  Meditation changed my life.  I am happier.  Happiness helps your health.  You’re welcome!

5. Laugh!

2016-07-15 22.23.39

Laughter has gotten me through the most embarrassing situations! It has also helped my marriage and my relationships.  You have to laugh and especially laugh at yourself.   I love a good belly-aching laugh.  So will you.  Laugh more, and you’ll be happier.  If you’re happier your health will improve.

These are my five simple ways to a healthy life.  I plan on doing all five.  Some days I might slack a bit but the “will” is there.  I WANT to be healthy so I will practice these things to get healthy.  Want to join me?

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