5 Reasons You Need Minecraft for the Holidays
Blog - December 23, 2016


Minecraft is a real phenomenon, even if they’ve never played it, they talk about it. From the game itself to the iconic design patterns Minecraft has become an integral part of our lives it seems.

There are so many options to buy for kids these days and it gets harder year after year to find what to purchase for the Holidays. So if you are lucky enough that the child (or adult) you are buying a gift for does not have Minecraft, here are 5 reasons to get it for them:


1 – You can purchase Minecraft at Best Buy at the same time you buy your other electronic gifts.  You don’t have to go to the toy stores.  Give yourself a break and just do it all in one place.

2 – Minecraft is great for the whole family.  It’s the kind of game that everyone can enjoy, so everyone can play and have something in common to share.

3 – Minecraft encourages your kids to be creative and adventurous by building and exploring new worlds.

4 – Minecraft is a great present because it doesn’t stop at a video game. Minecraft is collectibles, toys, and even clothing! So if your recipient already has the game, you know they will enjoy other Minecraft products.

5 – Minecraft is affordable! Regardless of your budget you can find the perfect Minecraft item at Best Buy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Mini Figurines start at under $4!

Check out Minecraft at Best Buy HERE!

minecraft-1 minecraft-2

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