5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try The Smart For Life Diet
Health & Fitness - April 26, 2016


Well, here we are six months later on this amazing journey with Smart For Life.  I am so grateful to go through this journey and share the ups and downs with my readers.  I have eaten 5,790,873 cookies and lost 30lbs.  I kid! I kid! hahah.  But really, I have eaten ALOT of cookies.  But guess what?  You’d think I’d be sick of them by now, but I’m not!  I really enjoy them and can’t imagine life without them.  So can I eat anything I want now?  No, I have to maintain this weight.  That means that I have to remember the reasons why I started this journey, and realize that it’s about balance, not eating everything I see on the grocery store shelves.   I lost the baby weight but now it’s about not snacking on the kids food! Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about why YOU should try this diet/lifestyle.

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So here are my 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try The Smart For Life Diet:

1)  It’s for everyone.  Tailored by a Doctor with two different plans, The Lifestyle Program and The Medical Program, get ready to make smart decisions and shed weight fast.  You will also learn how to maintain your weight loss.

2) The cookies are delicious.  My personal favorite changes from the Irresistible Winners Peanut Butter and the gluten free Banana Chocolate Chip Squares.

3)  You will feel better than ever, physically and emotionally.  You will eat six times a day. Most importantly, you will feel like you can succeed at this diet. It is very doable.

4) You will see results. That’s what it’s all about: results.

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5)  Price. I don’t mention this often, but this is a very affordable diet. Like anything of quality, it isn’t free, but neither are those Cheetos that got you out of shape!!!

check it out HERE and start making smart decisions.


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