5 Items Every New Mommy Needs
Baby Products - November 26, 2016

We all know that feeling as parents, the moment we walked into the baby store to pick out a stroller. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. It’s… necessary.
Here’s my story:
I researched online. I asked my friends. I went on Facebook groups, and by the time we got to the store I was frazzled by so much information going on in my head. We talked to an associate and tried about 4 different strollers, weighing out the pros and cons, the weight, the height (we are tall), and the price. We left even more overwhelmed than when we came. Then, to add insult to injury, we went to another retailer and did the same thing! Two more times!
Boy, do I wish I had just one place for someone to help me. The Baby Cubby is that place for a parent to find out all this information. They have tested the products, and best of all they price match with Amazon!

What makes The Baby Cubby different than other baby retailers?

They spend the time doing the research for you. They hand pick the best of the best in baby products including nursery items, strollers, car seats and gifts. They test the products out and provide valuable feedback. They also price match, even Amazon! And, shipping is free over $49!

After having two children, I’ve learned a lot about which items are a priority and which are not.

Here are the 5 Items Every New Mommy Needs.


1. Diaper Bag

You need the bag before the baby comes! It’s all about fashion and style. It is the one accessory that can literally make you feel good. Trust me, designer diaper bags will make you happy. The right one is out there for you and you don’t have to look far because The Baby Cubby has it. I have had five years experience of dealing with my Designer Diaper bag obsession. Just to name a few, Babymel, timi & leslie, and MZ Wallace are all major designer labels that I own that are also sold on BabyCubby.com. You don’t have to step out of your house to find the perfect one. They have them all on their site. ALL!!!!! You know you have a diaper bag hoarding problem when you consider having a third child just to buy another diaper bag. Haha.


2. Strollers.

You need a stroller right away. But you need the right one for you. Go ahead, I double dog dare you to go to the retailers out there and look. It’s not fun. It’s not exciting. You need to find out from one place only what will work for you by seeing what worked for others that have tested them out and will share their honest opinions: BabyCubby.com.


3. Car Seat

Boy, this one stressed me out! But BabyCubby.com has it covered with “How To Choose the Right Car Seat” on their site. There are so many things to consider when buying a car seat. Every State has different child restraint laws. Different car seats don’t fit all cars. For instance, you might want to reconsider buying a Porsche sports car if you’re having a baby. In my case, it came with the marriage, haha, but let’s just say finding a car seat for that car was a major hassle.


4. Registry

I remember when I had my first child, I registered for everything except the big items, like Pack and Play, stroller, car seat, and monitor. Now looking back, I wish I did. I got so many little things that I didn’t need and even took back when my friends could have pitched in and gotten me a big item.

Having a baby is expensive as it is; a well planned registry will help alleviate the pressure. Having a BabyCubby.com registry also has some perks including easy returns, closeout discount, and a price match promise. They even offer a discount to people having multiple children, like twins or triplets.


5. Carriers and slings.

With my first child, I got a cheaper version of the Ergo. That was a big mistake because he ended up having torticollis and it was recommended that I carry him places. The carrier was so uncomfortable that I just gave up. With the second child, I learned my lesson and had the Ergo Baby Original Baby Carrier. I didn’t use it all the time but there were times that I needed those hands for my older son. I had to be hands-free often. BabyCubby.com has a huge selection of slings as well.


You don’t have to worry about much if you grab your items at BabyCubby.com. They have so much to choose from and offer the best of the best from Maternity items to great Bundles. Let someone else do the research and work for you. BabyCubby.com will engage with you through social media and make sure they are on top of things for you, so you don’t have to worry!  And, don’t forget to check out their blog!


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  1. I wish I had heard of them when I started my search for baby products. We’re on baby number two and pretty much have what we need. I’ll definitely recommend this website to the new moms I know.

  2. Oh these are all great and I have that diaper bag well worth the money moms has so much for all the things you need for your little ones and more!

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