3 Tips to Help You Buy a Car
Blog - June 30, 2017


This is a sponsored post for Cars.com.  All opinions are mine.

Buying a car can exciting and scary.  There are so many questions when searching for the right car.

“What’s a good price range for me?  Do I need three rows verses two rows?  What is the gas mileage?”

All these are common questions we ask ourselves and others when buying a car.

Here are three tips for when looking to buy a car.

Do Your Research

I went online to research and I asked people about their cars.

What did they especially like about their cars and how long have they had them for?

You also have to narrow it down to make, model, and price.  Know the facts before you go out there!  Cars.com can help you with your research so you don’t have to go site surfing.  Cars.com has videos and reviews (positive and negativity) to help you make the most informed decision about buying a car.

Don’t Visit Dealers Until You are Ready

Going into a car dealership without being ready is dangerous.  It’s like going to war without weapons.  They can tell if you have done your research and if you haven’t you might walk out of their feeling taken advantage of.  Be firm about your needs and don’t settle.  If you’re a first time buyer, Cars.com can give you information on safety and recall notices too so you don’t make the wrong decision.

Don’t Buy From The First Dealer You Go To
You might fall in love with the first car you see.  I know I did.  I thought THIS was “the one”.  And it was a lovely car.  But it wasn’t “the one.”  In fact, it took me two weeks to find “the one.”  I went back to some dealers twice.  Take your time.  This is an important decision.  If you go back and it’s not there, then it was not the one for you.  Cars.com supplies reviews for dealers in your area so you can stay clear from bad experiences.
These three tips will get your started on an exciting journey of purchasing a car.  Do your research, don’t rush into dealers without being educated and take your time visiting at least five dealers.
This is a sponsored post for Cars.com.  All opinions are mine.



  1. We take a while to purchase a car as we review online cars we think we want and then narrow it down. It takes time but saves a lot of time and money!

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