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July 14, 2016

Why Every Woman Over 40 Should Wear Giorgio Armani Beauty


It is interesting that after all my years of working in cosmetics and now blogging about cosmetics that I have circled back to Giorgio Armani Beauty.  Whenever I venture out to try something else, somehow, I come back to it.  I worked for them in 2004 for about five years and although I went on to work for other high end cosmetic companies, I always longed for my Luminous Silk Foundation.  I would discover something great but then realize that it never lived up to the expectations that Giorgio Armani Beautyread more

July 24, 2016

Lucky Bars


I bet if I asked you if your child was a picky eater, 90% of you would say yes.  My kids will eat anything that is snacks.  So broccoli becomes a snack.  Chicken nuggets become snacks.  God forbid my sons eat a full meal!  Yes, it's called lunch and dinner.  But they just don't get it.  So they snack a lot and of course one of their favorite snacks is my precious Smart For Life cookies!   You can take my Starbucks away for a few days, but don't take away my Smart For Life cookies!

read more

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